Skateboard GB Branding

Skateboarding has finally made it to the Olympics! And Skateboard GB asked us to help them come up with an interim brand so they could announce the team to a worldwide TV audience.

One of the main challenges was timing – with a very tight deadline we had to create something fast. But as the first outing for Skateboard GB, we couldn’t compromise quality – this brand has to sit confidently and convincingly alongside other GB sporting bodies.

We adapted a font to create a bespoke typogram with the feeling of movement. The figure mark is doing the iconic kickflip, with the shapes of the arm reflected in the curve of the S and the leg shapes mirrored in the K.

The designs have then been rolled out on to skateboards, apparel, vehicles, into video content, applied to the website, social media and more….

Skateboard GB team 2019 - Sky Brown - Bronze medalist - Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Photo: Garry Jones

“I used to skate when I was younger and loved art and design, so to combine the two as an adult was great. I was designing deck graphics thinking - THIS IS MY JOB.”

Such & Such director and skate fan.