PK Education reward their staff every year with an awards ceremony. We created the awards brand but the theme changes every year. For 2017 we were given the theme of Space with a title of 'Above & Beyond' as they recognise their members of staff who go just that little bit further. The awards were held at the National Space Museum. We created supporting material for the awards such as table dressing, menus, placemats, presentation for stage screen, certificates, awards, banners and much more.

Videos were created for the welcome lobby based on Stanley Kubrik's 2001: Space Odessey. A glowing HAL eye watched as nominees entered the venue and they were greeted with sci-fi cocktails, served by Stormtroopers.

The staff are not given the venue or theme until close to the time of the events. We help PK create excitement around the build-up to the night with teaser emails and posters.